Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction



Task 34, Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction has as its main emphasis overcoming barriers to commercialization of fast pyrolysis of biomass for liquid fuel production. The overall objective of the Task in the new Triennium 2016-2018 will be to improve the implementation and success of direct thermochemical liquefaction of biomass for fuels and chemicals by contributing to the resolution of critical technical areas and disseminating relevant information, particularly to industry and policy makers.

The scope of the Task is to monitor, review, and contribute to the resolution of issues that will permit more successful and more rapid implementation of pyrolysis technology, including identification of opportunities to provide a substantial contribution to bioenergy. This is to be achieved by the activities listed below:

  • Review of bio-oil applications
  • Bio-oil standardization
  • Round Robin for analytical methods validation
    TEA of thermochemical liquefaction technologies
  • Collaboration with Tasks 32, 33, 38, 39, and 42

The Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction Task is a three-year project which commenced January 2016, in parallel with the other tasks in IEA Bioenergy, as approved by the IEA Bioenergy Executive Committee (ExCo) with membership including Canada, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, and the US.

Triennium 2016-2018

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