Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction


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PyNe Issue 41 – December 2017

Click to see current progress in pyrolysis, thermal liquefaction, and upgrading of those products to fuels and chemicals.

Inside this Issue:

Pg 3: Axel Funke compares intermediate and fast pyrolysis bio-oils from multiple biomass types fed to screw-type reactors.

Pg 6: Charles Mullen describes production and isolation of catalytic fast pyrolysis co-products, such as methoxy- & alkyl- phenols

Pg 8: Marjorie Rover demonstrates applications for phenolic oils from pyrolysis:   hydrotreating, solid fuel, and asphalt binder.

Pg 11: Bert van de Beld runs a 4-cylinder diesel engine on fast pyrolysis bio-oil, describing the modifications to achieve success.

Pg 14: Yaseen Elkasabi discusses the composition and potential for biorenewable calcined coke as a co-product from pyrolysis.

Pg 16: Robert Brown captures ISU’s progress on operation of continuous solvent liquefaction and product fractionation systems.

Pg 19: Steve Rogers introduces the Licella and their progress on commercialization of the Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor

Pg 22: Paul de Wild gives an update on the PYRENA reactor, its progress, and considerations for catalytic pyrolysis and upgrading.

Bio-oil Combustion:  Yelvington reports on emission profile from combustion of bio-oils (pg. 19)

PyNe History:  A retrospective of 21 years of PyNe (pg. 21)

Faces of PyNe History:  A gallery of faces from early issues of PyNe (pg. 26)