Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction


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PyNe Issue 42 – October 2018

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Inside this Issue:

Pg 3:  Xing Xin reports on pyrolysis bio-oil yields following acid washing and torrefaction pretreatments.

Pg 5:  Eija Alakangas details standardization of biomass and bioenergy by Working Group 41 under CEN Technical Committee 19

Pg 7:  Ferran de Miguel Mercader explains the comprehensive New Zealand Biofuels Roadmap using Bioenergy Value Chain Model

Pg 10:  Martijn Vis discusses a Sustainability and Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) of pyrolysis oil production and applications

Pg 13:  Kristin Onarheim announces the 4REFINERY Project for biomass liquefaction productivity and co-processing in refineries

Pg 15:  Mariefel Olarte explains the new ASTM Standard D3148-17A, for carbonyl content determination in pyrolysis oil

Pg 18:  Henrik Wiinikka demonstrates Green Carbon Black, a bio-product made from conversion of pyrolysis bio-oil

Pg 20:  Useful links to Upcoming Task 34 Events, pyrolysis and liquefaction resources, and the updated Task 34 Webpage