Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction

PyNe 40 – March 2017

Date Mar 2017



Inside this Issue:

Meeting in Rotorua, NZ:  Summary of the recent Task 34 meeting in New Zealand (pg. 1)

Task Membership:  Current country members of Task 34 PyNe (pg. 2)

Inorganics to Bio-oil:  Leijenhorst’s discussion of inorganic element transfer to pyrolysis oil during pyrolysis (pg. 3)

Kinetics of Pyrolysis:  Dauenhauer’s explanation of PHASR Reactor for Pyrolysis Kinetics (pg. 5)

Algae Liquefaction: Barreiro and Prins report on hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae (pg. 7)

Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis:  Yildiz, Prins, and Ronsse look towards moving Catalytic Pyrolysis to larger scale (pg. 10)

Black Liquor HTL:  Melin, Välimäki, and Lehtonen discussing hydrothermal liquefaction of black liquor and lignin (pg.13)

Fractional Condensation:   Sandström and Johansson discuss fractional condensation from cyclone pyrolysis (pg. 15)

Scale-up Hydrotreating:  Elliott, Zacher, and Olarte report operation of scaled-up bio-oil hydrotreating (pg. 17)

Bio-oil Combustion:  Yelvington reports on emission profile from combustion of bio-oils (pg. 19)

PyNe History:  A retrospective of 21 years of PyNe (pg.  21)

Faces of PyNe History:  A gallery of faces from early issues of PyNe (pg. 26)


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