Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction

Expert workshop: Potential of Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) routes for biofuel production

Date 19th Nov, 2019 - 19th Nov, 2019
Location Brussels
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Joint HTL workshop Flyer (002)


Aim and purpose: To create a working arena for stakeholders from science and industry working on
implementation and commercialization of HTL to join forces for market penetration.
• Presentations on recent and current industrial developments
• Global status of HTL (preliminary title) by Douglas C. Elliott (PNNL, USA)
• Presentations from the five EU H2020 projects
• Moderated discussion including:
• Common Challenges for industrial implementation of HTL-based value chains
• Cooperation between EU projects and industry
• Markets and products (quality and certification of fuel products; utilization of by-products and residual process streams)
• Creating a platform for cooperation: Ambitions and relevant framework
Industrial developers of HTL, academic and industrial researchers, fuel producers and brokers, oil refiners, potential
end users (e.g. engine manufacturers, airlines), representatives of public authorities (e.g. EC) and others.