About Task 34

We are an International Experts’ Network of researchers who support the advancement and commercialization of bioenergy through biomass liquefaction.


What is biomass liquefaction?


Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction (DTL) is using heat to break down the polymers in solid biomass to form a liquid that can be used as an energy carrier or chemical feedstock. Pyrolysis and Hydrothermal liquefaction are two examples of DTL to form bio-oils and bio-crudes respectively. A more detailed explanation of DTL is available here.


What does Task 34 do?


Each three year period, or triennium, we construct a plan. The plan for the current 2022-2024 triennium is shown below.

Task 34 ‘Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction’ has as its main emphasis overcoming barriers to commercialization of DTL of biomass for liquid fuel production. The overall objective of the Task is to improve the implementation and success of direct thermochemical liquefaction of biomass for fuels and chemicals. This objective is achieved through monitoring, reviewing, and contributing to the resolution of issues that will permit more successful and more rapid implementation of pyrolysis technology, including identification of emerging opportunities to provide a substantial contribution to bioenergy. Task 34 plans to work on following items in this triennium:

1. Deployment of marketable commodities from DTL

  • (Pathways to) Transportation fuels from HTL and FP
  • Production of chemicals and materials from HTL and FP bio-oil
  • DTL oils for gasification (with IEA Bioenergy Task 33)

2. DTL system services for a future circular economy

  • DTL in the context of flexible power supply (with IEA Bioenergy Task 44)
  • Fast pyrolysis as BECCU/S technology (contribution to IEA Bioenergy Inter-Task Project)
  • Hydrogen use for DTL product upgrading (contribution to IEA Bioenergy Inter-Task Project)

3. Support commercialization through knowledge transfer

  • Round Robin for validation of analytical method
  • Lessons learnt from FPBO REACH & GHS registration
  • Update on commercial DTL facilities
  • TEE of DTL biorefinery (with IEA Bioenergy Task 42)

4. Facilitate information exchange with stakeholders

The Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction Task is a three-year project which commenced January 2022, in parallel with the other tasks in IEA Bioenergy, as approved by the IEA Bioenergy Executive Committee (ExCo) with membership including Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, and the USA.