Key Points

  • Bio-oils and Bio-crudes are energy carriers that can be used as raw material for advanced biofuels
  • They need to be upgraded for applications as a (drop-in) transportation fuel
  • Upgrading can be via co-processing in existing refineries or by stand-alone operation
  • Biofuel applications covers multiple sectors including road, aviation and shipping.
Hydrotreater plant at PNNL, Pyne 40
Biofuels from fast pyrolysis oil

Further Reading

  • PyNe 43: Karatzos on drop-in diesel from HTL
  • PyNe 40:  Elliott on hydoprocessed biofuels
  • PyNe 39:  Magrini-Bair on fuels from catalytic pyrolysis
  • PyNe 36: Zacher on co-processing in a DCR pilot plant
  • PyNe 35: Kai Toven on marine biofuel blends
  • PyNe 33: Venderbosch on the production of diesel from pyrolysis oil

Example Applications

  • Envergent:  Transportation fuels
  • Preem/Setra:  co-FCC of pyrolysis oil to transportation fuels
  • BTG-BTL:  co-FCC pyrolysis oil
  • Petrobras: Catalytic Cracking Demonstration Unit,SIX – São Mateus do Sul
Biofuels from HTL oil