Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction




Biomass and Waste Pyrolysis – A Guide to UK Capabilities – published October 2015

A summary of biomass and waste pyrolysis research and commercial activities currently being undertaken in the UK. Devised and produced by Aston University European Bioenergy Research Institute to act as an aid to all involved in the expanding area of biomass and waste pyrolysis, including researchers, companies, policy makers, decision makers and stakeholders.

It contains a foreword from Professor John Loughhead, Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), plus contributions from a variety of organisations involved in pyrolysis activities.

Biomass Pyrolysis – A Guide to UK Capabilities – published May 2011

Fuel oil quality and combustion of fast pyrolysis bio-oils

Published by VTT – 2013

Authors: Jani Lehto, Anja Oasmaa, Yrjö Solantausta, Matti Kytö, David Chiaramonti.

Properties and fuel use of biomass-derived fast pyrolysis liquids

VTT Publication 731 – published 2010

Authors: Anja Oasmaa and Cordner Peacocke