Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction

Forum on Hydrothermal Processes 2017

Date 12th Sep, 2017 - 13th Sep, 2017
Location Germany
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Forum on Hydrothermal Processes 2017 – Call for Papers

The DBFZ will host the Forum on Hydrothermal Processes 2017 “Technologies for value creation through use of raw materials and as an energy source” on the 12th and 13th of September 2017 and will include multiple events relating to this topic. The focus of this forum is the process of hydrothermal conversion and subsequent value creation–beginning with feedstock, the processes and their technological implementation, the products and as appropriate the associated constraints and environment. Due to the design of the program we are calling for papers and posters and invite interested parties from the scientific and economic communities to participate.

Topic Areas

  • Hydrothermal processes producing solid, liquid and gaseous energy sources and carbon carriers
  • Hydrothermal production of basic and fine chemicals
  • Hydrothermal processes in production processes
  • Reactors and conversion plants for hydrothermal procedures (including questions of: measurement and control methods, equipment, material and corrosion questions)
  • Requirements on applicable feedstock and hydrothermally produced or producible products
  • Treatment of municipal and industrial waste water and residues applaying hydrothermal processes
  • Framework (political, legal permission, market situation)
  • Economic, environmental, and socio-economic assessment of hydrothermal processes
  • Biomass conversion in alternative polar reaction media, for example polar organic solvents, ionic liquids and molten salts

Please turn in your application by May 1st, 2017 by emailing it to The application can be found here. Accepted
abstracts will appear in the conference reader of the Forum on Hydrothermal Processes 2017. Presentations are held in German and English.
They should last no more than 30 minutes including discussion time. For accepted posters in the poster exhibition short presentations
(3 minutes, 1 sheet) are scheduled.