Production of biofuels and chemicals from biomass using liquefaction

20 Oct, 2020 - 20 Oct, 2020
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What are the latest findings on biofuel production and chemical manufacturing? RISE invites to a digital seminar, 20 October, 2020.

There are several promising processes that can be used to produce bio-oil from biomass. The bio-oil can in turn be used as fuel, or further processed into biofuels. In this seminar we will take a closer look at pyrolysis, hydrothermal treatment and upgrading. Welcome to listen to some interesting speakers in the field.


Ann-Christine Johansson, RISE
Adaptation of pyrolysis oil for the purpose of co-upgrading biofuels in conventional refineries.

Henrik Brodin, Södra Skogsägarna
Together with Statkraft, Södra is building a demonstration plant for hydrothermal liquefaction in Tofte, Norway. In the plant, sawdust will be converted to bio-oil starting in 2021.

Christian Lindfors, VTTLindfors will talk about VTT’s research on pyrolysis oils from waste and side streams.

Stella Berzergianni, CERTH,
Dr. Berzergianni will talk about the EU project “BioMates”, where straw and grass are converted into biofuels via pyrolysis, hydrogen treatment and refinery integration.

Robbie Venderbosch, BTG Biomass Technology Group
BTG develops technology for converting biomass to fuel and energy. Dr Venderbosch is a senior researcher and will talk about potential applications of pyrolysis oil based on co-refining.

Prof. Degn Jensen will talk about the production of renewable fuels through catalytic pyrolysis in a hydrogen environment based on research from DTU.

The seminar is free of charge and is conducted both digitally and on site with a limited number of seats.

Presentations will be given mostly in Swedish.