Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction

Round Robin

Round Robin for analytical methods validation

The Round Robin process has provided useful feedback on bio-oil analytical methods in previous efforts by Task 34 and its predecessors. Previous Round Robins have included assessment of lignin pyrolysis and evaluation of viscosity measurements and the accelerated aging test. An improved accelerated aging test for evaluating bio-oil stability using a liquid bath heating system for better controlled atmospheric systems has now been tested at VTT and is described here In the coming triennium a Round Robin will be organized to further enlighten the biomass pyrolysis community as to methods of production and properties of bio-oil.

The Round Robin for the current triennium is expected to include 10 to 15 laboratories and be limited to the participating countries. If additional participants are needed to fulfill this level of comparison then laboratories from outside the Task participants will be considered. The Round Robin will be organized in 2014 such that it can be completed, evaluated and reported within the triennium. The results of the Round Robin will be prepared into a technical journal publication under the authorship of the organizers.


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