Round Robin on Fast Pyrolysis Production, 2 page summary

This summarizes the results on the Task 34 IEA Bioenergy Round Robin on Fast Pyrolysis Production.

Task 34 RR on Pyrolysis Production IEABioenergy 2p

The Primary conclusions were:

  • Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil (FPBO) properties of water, solids, viscosity, and total acid number were found to relate to pyrolysis technology used to produce it.
  • Measurements of reaction temperature for a given laboratory system might not be accurate.
  • FPBO collection can impact product composition.
  • None of the laboratories could produce single-phase oil from wheat straw. This relates to the amount of ash in the feedstock.
  • Blended feedstocks resulted in FPBO with less phase separation.
  • All laboratories produced single-phase FPBO from hybrid poplar that could be completely analysed